Getting Started & Choosing a Stone

What is the major difference between quartz & granite?

Granite is a type of natural stone. Quartz, however, is man-made. Many times people use the word "quartz" interchangeably with "engineered stone". Both options are relatively low-maintenance and stain-resistant. Quartz may be a little more stain-resistant but granite is more heat-resistant. You cannot set hot pots or pans directly onto quartz. Find out more about how to care for your countertops here.

What is the thickness of the stone?

Most stone is 3 centimeters (1.25 inches) thick. However, some material does come in 2 centimeter.

What is the starting price for stone?

Standard color granite starts at $45 per square foot (not including sink or cooktop cutouts). This price includes material, fabrication and installation.

Where do I start?

The first step is to provide cabinet drawings of the areas that require countertops. From there, we can determine the amount of stone required for the project and determine which product fits your budget & vision.

What do you need from me?

Once we provide an estimate, we'll need 50% deposit and all of information on this checklist. We're happy to help you work through this and we are always here to answer questions.

I want an apron/farm sink, anything I should know?

Apron/farm sinks MUST be installed before the area can be templated. Counter tops are fabricated to fit perfectly around the sink. The top of the sink must not be proud of the top of the cabinet top - this way the stone rests on the countertop and not on the sink. The checklist highlights this as well.

Can I choose matching stone for my backsplash?

We do cut backsplashes as well. We use the same stone so the thickness will be the same (3cm/1.25in) as the countertop stone. The standard backsplash height is 4 inches unless otherwise directed.

Why do I need to hand select my slabs?

Natural stone varies, sometimes significantly, from slab to slab. We do not want you to be surprised by any differences in color or pattern.

Where do I go to choose a slab?

We have partnered with some amazing slab yards located in Austin & San Antonio. You can find information about those here. Some of them also have showrooms for you to view engineered stone as well.


What is "templating"?

"Templating" is an industry term for final measurement for the project. All templates are done digitally for precision. The checklist you complete before templating contains important information about what must be installed before we arrive to measure. It should be noted that if this is a remodel, cabinetry MUST be completely level before we template.

If I'm remodeling, can the template be done with the old countertops in place?

We do not recommend templating with existing countertops. There risk that the template will be off and the new counter tops will not fit increases.

How do I know when I'm ready for a template?

Fully complete our checklist and you will be ready.

Why does the checklist say I need the sinks on-site to template?

Of course, apron/farm sinks must be installed before templating but all other types of sinks must be on-site as well. Often, we take the sinks back to our shop to be measured again during fabrication. Even though we will have the brand and style number, manufacturer's specs are not always as exact as we prefer.

Fabrication & Installation

What is your standard turn-around time?

From template to install takes about two weeks.

Do you level my cabinets?

No. Your contractor or carpenter needs to level the cabinets BEFORE we template. See more in the "templating" FAQs.

Do I need to reinforce my cabinets for granite installation?

No. If you use 3cm (1 ¼”) thick granite, which is standard, you do not need any special reinforcement. You may need some additional support in the corners of walls that our template specialist (the guy who comes to measure) will be able to explain to you.

What is the ideal overhang for my bar top or breakfast area?

12” is the ideal overhang for comfortable seating without hitting your knees on the cabinet, however, the overhang does need to be adequately supported.

How do you attach the granite countertops to my cabinet?

The stone countertops are placed on the cabinets and a bead of silicon is applied at the intersection of the cabinets and the underside of the stone. This is sufficient to hold the countertops in place in a normal situation.

About Braunbach

Do you sell sinks?

Yes, we carry a small selection of stainless stell and white porcelain sinks.

Do you only cut granite?

No. We fabricate the majority of solid surface materials, including granite, marble, quartzite, exotic stones, jumbo ceramic tile & engineered stones (also known as quartz).

Do you do other projects or strictly countertops?

We do much more than just countertops. You can see a list on our CUSTOM PROJECTS page or please don't hesitate to call if you have an idea for a project using custom fabricated stone. Beginning November 1, 2018, we will have a water jet and the ideas are endless.

Do you sell remnants?

Yes! Please stop by anytime during business hours to see them.

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